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Why invest in gold

Precious metals offer unique protection against inflation.

They can't be printed like banknotes, so they are a real guarantee.

 Due to inflation, your money saved in the bank loses value.

What is inflation?

Currency devaluation due to rising prices.

  • We will buy less for 1 euro today than yesterday
  • Inflation reduces the value of the currency over time
  • Expressing the inflation rate using the consumer price index

6 reasons to invest in precious metals

Inflation protection

Money is losing value due to inflation, gold and silver are still appreciating.

Portfolio diversification

The old Jewish rule says that a third of money should be deposited in stocks or bonds, a third in real estate, and a third in gold.

Limited offer

All silver reserves will be mined within 17 years. There is "only" about 54,000 tons of gold in the world.

Anonymous investment

The investment in gold and silver is completely anonymous.

High liquidity

Gold and silver can be exchanged for money anywhere in the world in a matter of hours.

Tax benefits

Gold is exempt from VAT, with silver taxpayers can deduct VAT. They are also exempt from income tax for individuals.


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